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Camping Supplies and Equipment

camping suppliesScrewy Louie's Sport Shop has a full line of camping essentials so you and your fellow campers will be well prepared for your outdoor adventures. Proper shelter is an absolute necessity and we carry a variety of camping tents and tarps. Whether you are looking for a one person, multi person, or family size camping tents, Screwy Louie’s has what you need. We have a selection of adult and kids sleeping bags to choose from to keep warm on colder nights, and comfortable for your nights sleep.

Tarps work well to protect your gear and supplies from changing weather and to keep coolers out of direct sunlight. Our larger tarps with longer poles work great for relaxing and taking breaks while enjoying the outside in the shade on hot and sunny days.

Camping safety is very important so make sure you have lanterns with back up fuel and flashlights with back up batteries so you can see safely in the evening and night. We also carry first aid products which is another must have for your camping adventures.

Lanterns and fuel, stakes, saws, knives, multi-tools, tarps, tents, and sleeping bags are just a few of the camping items you will find in our stores. Come visit our store in Fair Haven  New York for all of your camping essentials.